fiquet (fiquet) wrote in eat_a_cake,

Some pics of my room(on its way to Marie-Antoinette-inspired gorgeousness)and the obligatory lap dog

Mr Darcy the pug-dog

the other bouquet-courtesy of Ikea (who would have thought...)

the wardrobe

the desk, next to my bed, opposite the wardrobe

All in all, the redecoration is under way- i have acquired 2 charming bouquets in the dusty rose and baby blue palette, the curtains are already coloured like rose-mousse. Thank you for your suggestions; in the near future I will try to find perhaps a mirror (Louis XIV-style) framed with golden ornament or a period-style picture to hang on the wall(an op-shop Gainsborough or Joshua Reynolds would be lovely or perhaps an Elizabeth Vigee-Lebrun?), as well as stationery containers for the desk( which i begginning to look out of place in my Rose Royaume).

A bien tot, mes chers! Grosses bises,

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